Baby Hug is a wireless IOT device for monitoring the respiratory and motor activity of newborns during sleep. It can determine if an emergency situation occurs and consequently activate a visual and audible alarm to potentially save the baby’s life.
SIDS is the acronym for “sudden infant death syndrome” and describes the sudden death, typically during sleep, of infants under the age of 1 year for causes not identifiable from a clinical and / or autoptic point of view.
In order to prevent this possibility, many studies have been conducted that have led to a profound review of the parents’ habits regarding the positioning of their children at bedtime.
In addition to this, the use of active monitoring systems, such as mats with piezoelectric sensors for detecting the breath to be placed under the mattress of the baby’s bed, have led to a significant drop in SIDS cases.
Baby Hug is an IOT technological device that fits into this application context with the desire to overcome the limits of the products currently on the market. In fact, these have the greatest deterrents to their use, in the big sizes, difficulty of correct installation and transport.
The compact size, ease of installation and the total absence of wiring, potentially harmful to the baby, are the basis of the Baby Hug project.




Consumer Electronics (Newborn Safety Devices)




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