BarT is the name with which one of the historic machines of the Milanese brand La Pavoni is identified.

The “Nuova BarT” project started from the company’s desire to relaunch this successful model and re-propose it to the market in a contemporary key. The consolidated mechanics of the machine was therefore maintained as a basic element of the project and a new aesthetic appearance was designed to recontextualize the product. The base and the body shells are entirely made of stainless steel and are characterized by sudden changes in the direction of the surfaces that give lightness to the product through as many light strokes. The dimensions of the machine are thus concealed to the advantage of the aesthetic impact of the product and its relationship with the context in which it will be placed. The possibility of maintenance was one of the main project drivers, thanks to the product architecture it is possible to access all the operating components of the machine by removing only 4 screws positioned on the upper panels of the cup warmer area.

Brushed and glossy metal sheets alternate to increase the visual separation of the elements, just like the base, designed to always be finished with a black paint, contrasts with the powder-coated side shells with different colors.


La Pavoni S.p.a






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  • Industrial design
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  • Color material and finish


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  • Professional Coffee Machine