Heylo is the first professional coffee machine to use induction technology for water heating.
The project aims to enhance the possibilities offered by technology which, in addition to ensuring significant energy savings, allows for the genesis of a compact machine with single dispenser, transportable, but also reconfigurable in “battery” thanks to the modular design of the structure.
The project finds the distinctive element of the product in the die-cast side legs. These side elements in the single-body version allow the machine to be transported, supported, adjusted and kept in position, while in the “multiple” version they connect the modules making them a single continuous body.
The machine interface elements have been designed and developed to ensure the simplest and most immediate interaction possible both during dispensing and for maintenance operations.


Carimali – Heylo






ADI Design Index 2023
Selezione Compasso d’Oro

Host 2021 – Smart Label
Innovation Award


  • Strategic research
  • Industrial design
  • Product development
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Color material and finish
  • Prototyping


  • Coffee

  • Induction

  • Professional Coffee Machine