The IET100 modules are a series of wireless communication devices used to connect industrial machinery with heterogeneous language protocols.
The project aimed to generate 6 different transmission modules for as many communication protocols between machines, plus a management and “translation” module.
In order to contain the initial costs and investments, a flexible product architecture has been developed that allows with only two injection-molded bodies and a series of metal closing elements obtained with flexible and tool-free processes, such as laser cutting and press bending, to make all 7 modules required.
The modules have been designed to be compatible with the DIN fixing structures typical of industrial electrical panels as well as to transfer data and electrical current between them without requiring individual wiring thanks to pins positioned on the sides of the modules themselves.
The lateral circular element aesthetically characterizes the product and at the same time hides the openings in the body necessary for the correct cooling of the electronics inside.
The surface finishing process differentiates and identifies the modules and their functions.




Wireless Industrial Machine Device




  • Strategic Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Development
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Color, Material and Finish


  • Machine wireless communication
  • Machine communication module
  • Wireless device
  • Industrial design