The hobs of the “Stekio” collection are the first gas hobs that use combustion technology based on stoichiometric mixing at ambient pressure.
Every single burner is able to generate a continuous surface of fire that optimizes the efficiency and cooking times.
Whether it is a moka pot or a wok pan, a single fire is enough: the hob burner can deliver a heating power ranging from 400W, typical of an auxiliary cooker, up to 2800W of a rapid cooker.
Thanks to the ability of each burner to supply the whole range of necessary powers, the flexibility of use of the hob is absolute.
Flame control is completely electronic and operated through a proprietary touch interface that has been patented internationally.
The aesthetics of the hob has been taken care of to reflect the technological innovation of the product and to adapt to the most modern trends in domestic kitchens.
The grates, with a height lower than 20mm, allow you to move the pots more quickly and give the hob a totally new visual compactness for the sector.


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