BISON is the name of the newest solution offered by Simem for the continuous mixing travelling operations which has been officially launched during BAUMA 2016.
After two years of operation, Simem wanted to align Bison’s image with that of the company through a process of physical modification and finishing of the product.
The intervention therefore began through the identification of a strategy that would bring Bison’s image into alignment with the corporate image but at the same time also transmit the absolutely important performance that the machinery guarantees.
The machinery has been modified in the front part which, previously characterized by a diagonal descending trend of the side, has been re-proportioned and regularized through a rectilinear trend.
The introduction of contrasting and gray aerated metal sheets which are also functional for concealing some areas of access and connection between the parts, have led to a more refined aesthetic that has raised the perception of quality connected to the product.
The completion of the CMF activity involved the modification of the aesthetic color of the product through the use of paints corresponding to the NCS (Natural Color System) color code which made it possible to standardize the production and finishing of products worldwide.
After the experience on Bison, the entire product range was adapted to the new visual language.




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